Bug Prints

Little Artists became entomologists in this Drawing and Painting Studio, studying a variety of insects, as if they were really found and caught by them for the first time! IMG_6173 IMG_6174

Drawing and categorizing their favorites, artists choose their favorites to carve into foam which will be used to create a colorful printed collection of insects

IMG_6178  IMG_6176 IMG_6180  IMG_6183 IMG_6184 IMG_6186 IMG_6189 IMG_6190IMG_6191 IMG_6549 IMG_6550

Time to print!   We used  fine quality paper and mixed speedball ink to roll over  each of our carved bug templates.

IMG_6352 IMG_6354

Each reveal was exciting!

IMG_6540  IMG_6542  IMG_6544   IMG_6548     IMG_6553


When our work was dry we added legs and antennae with a thin black pen and signed our name.

IMG_6483  IMG_6485   IMG_6488  IMG_6491     IMG_6502  IMG_6504

Here Are Our Final Prints...Framed in Glass!




IMG_6507  IMG_6509 IMG_6510 IMG_6511 IMG_6512

See You at the Next Studio!

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