Pinch Pot Piggie Banks

In this Mixed Media Studio, Little Artists learned how to create a pinch pot piggie bank. Drawing their designs first, then building a hallow base for their banks from 2 pinch pots.  The possibilities were endless at this point, turn the sphere into a blowfish, a monster, a pin poodle? Sure why not! IMG_5806 IMG_5808 IMG_5810 IMG_5812

IMG_5816 IMG_5817 IMG_5819

IMG_5821 IMG_5826IMG_5827 IMG_5828

Once the clay was dry for a day, the slots for the money to go in and the rubber plug hole was carved underneath to remove the money.  Banks were painted with acrylic paint.-Super cute!

IMG_5898 IMG_5901IMG_5899    IMG_5903 IMG_6029 IMG_5904  IMG_6020 IMG_6124 IMG_6126 IMG_6171

IMG_6032  IMG_6030


See You at the Next Studio!

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