Woven Monsters

Little Artists learn to weave and hand stitch in this sewing studio. IMG_6024 IMG_6025 IMG_6026   IMG_6146 IMG_6147  IMG_6153

Artists wove 2 weavings using multi colored t-shirt material. Felt additions were hand sewn on to the monsters to bring them to life.

IMG_6326 IMG_6158    IMG_6162 IMG_6315

Each completed monster was then stuffed and sewn  closed.

IMG_6323 IMG_6317  IMG_6322

The final Woven Monsters look great! Check out how close they look to their original ideas! Save those old t-shirts at home and make your own loom-You'll love how easy it is to make your own little monster.IMG_6329  IMG_6331    IMG_6335  IMG_6328IMG_6337   IMG_6340  IMG_6342   IMG_6345

See You at the Next Studio!

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