Andy Warhol Color Theory

We got to know everything about color in this Painting and Drawing studio. Artists explored primary colors, secondary colors, and complementary, while creating a Pop-Art painting similar to Andy Warhol's colorful art prints.

Children began by drawing a simple contour of their favorite animal on paper. This drawing was photocopied and the 4 copies was painted with a special medium to dissolve the paper leaving just a "skin" which was glued onto the four corners of their painted canvas.

IMG_7096 IMG_7097 IMG_7098  IMG_7101

The 4 animals faces, eyes, and ears were then painted in bright colors opposite of each other to make them stand out from their backgrounds. Aritst's practiced their steadiness with a brush and outlined each animal in black acrylic paint.

IMG_7219 IMG_7220IMG_7221 IMG_7222IMG_7873 IMG_7223 IMG_7224IMG_7225 IMG_7227IMG_7228 IMG_7231

At the end of the class we talked about what we liked about our work and what we might change, or do differently next time.  We also ask questions and gave compliments to each other about our work!

IMG_7238 IMG_7239IMG_7242 IMG_7245 IMG_7249IMG_7250IMG_7251 IMG_7253IMG_7255


See You at the Next Studio!