Animal Illustrations

During this Painting and Drawing Studio, Little Artists learned about the famous children's book illustrator Beatrix Potter, who wrote many children's books featuring realistic animals in clothes such as The Tales of Peter Rabbit, and The Tales of Johnny Town-Mouse. We compared her illustrations to current authors who also draw animal illustrations to find similarities and differences in clothing style between the two generations.  Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.25.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.28.31 PM

Little Artists first drew a plethora of animals in clothing that they thought would be fun to draw for their final work.  Animals wearing hats, suspenders, tuxedos, flip flops and tutu's.  Testing different ideas just as illustrators would do choosing their best work for books.

IMG_6851 IMG_6852

Once a final work was chosen drawings were refined, adding textures and detail.  Drawings were then  outlined with pen and painted with gouache.

IMG_6969 IMG_6926    IMG_6930 IMG_6971

IMG_6927 IMG_6966  IMG_6970 IMG_6931

At the end of the Studio Session we discussed all the artwork made



-ToughGuy Lemur


-Mexican Fox


-Lulu the Cowgirl Giraffe


-Daisy the Dolphin


-Mr Cardinal


-Mr Arthur Mouse


-Orpi the Orca





Great work Little Artists!

See You at the Next Studio!