Circus Animals Jump Through Hoops

  What's your favorite circus animal? A tiger, a lion, a monkey in a leotard, or maybe a unicorn?

Little Artists, in this Mixed Media studio,  learned how to make their  favorite paper mache circus animal jumping through a hoop.

Using plaster the animals were shaped.  Each of the animals had an armature made with pipe cleaners to support the plaster.

IMG_7074  IMG_7077IMG_7079 IMG_7084 IMG_7086

Next we painted the circus animals' physical details.

IMG_7128 IMG_7129IMG_7131  IMG_7169


Then we designed the animals costumes; tutus, bow ties and capes.  Fiery flames were an option for the hoops but many artists opted out of the flames :)  Each animal had a very unique personality.  The final hoop pictures are a bit blurry since the mobile was hard to keep still.  We had horses, elephants, seals, rabbits and tigers!


IMG_7174 IMG_7175     IMG_7180  IMG_7182    IMG_7186  IMG_7188 IMG_7189   IMG_7192   IMG_7195   IMG_7199  IMG_7202


See you at the Next Studio!