National Geographic Animals

In this drawing studio, Little Artists learned how to sketch an animal using techniques to block in the body's shapes, crosshatching to add texture, and blending and shading to add depth.  These techniques are the magic to making any drawing come to life.  Artists browsed through National Geographic magazines to find the animal they preferred. IMG_7067 IMG_7070 IMG_7073 IMG_7122IMG_7123 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7168 IMG_7126 IMG_7158 IMG_7159 IMG_7160 IMG_7161  IMG_7163

IMG_7291 IMG_7292   IMG_7295

We took time to talk about our work at the end of class and to tell each other what we liked about their work :)

IMG_7296 IMG_7297 IMG_7298 IMG_7300 IMG_7302 IMG_7304 IMG_7307 IMG_7308  IMG_7310 IMG_7311 IMG_7312

IMG_7314 IMG_7315

IMG_7164  IMG_7166


See you at the Next Studio!