Painted Family Portrait

Historically, family portrait paintings have primarily memorialized the rich and powerful kings and queens. But NOT ANYMORE! We commissioned Little Artist to paint a portrait of their families in this drawing and painting studio. IMG_6870 IMG_6871   IMG_6867 IMG_6866 IMG_6865  IMG_6863    IMG_6796

Using a fine tip black ink pen each family member was drawn from the waist up and painted with a palette of colorful watercolor paints  on fine quality paper.

IMG_6938 IMG_6939 IMG_6940 IMG_6941

We will discussed placement of facial features, how to draw clothing with patterns and body overlap as well as how to use highlights and shadows in our paintings.

IMG_6943 IMG_6944 IMG_6945  IMG_6947  IMG_6949  IMG_6951

IMG_7021 IMG_7022      IMG_7028 IMG_7029    IMG_7033 IMG_7034

IMG_7262IMG_7268 IMG_7261 IMG_7260

Final work was framed in glass :)







See You at the Next Studio!