Red Suitcase Board Game

Little Artists became toy makers during this mixed media studio. Each artist designed a game; including the name/logo, the game board, game pieces/cards/dice and rule book. IMG_6854 IMG_6855 IMG_6856 IMG_6857

Game board was mounted to cardboard, colored and varnished for protection.IMG_6360 IMG_6991 IMG_7004  

The game pieces were made out of air dry clay or Sculpey clay and  placed in small cotton bag that was printed with a carved logo stamp to match the game case design on the red suitcase.

IMG_6362 IMG_7002 IMG_7010 IMG_6622 IMG_7011 IMG_6364

Rule Books were written.

IMG_6696          IMG_6996                    

All pieces and the game board were put into an adorable red cardboard stitched suitcase. 

IMG_6699 IMG_7005 IMG_7013 IMG_7007

The games will be played again and again!

IMG_6695 IMG_7001IMG_7000 IMG_7014


See You at the Next Studio!