February Spring Break Art Camp

In this studio, Little Artists were inspired by Jenny Murphy and her mixed media work. Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 5.12.46 PM

With a square wood plank for their canvas artists drew a simple shape and then wrap a black string  around the primed wood creating a checkered pattern. Looking at the positive and negative  they will painted the checkered patterns in warm and cool colors of choice. Final pieces were given a lacquer finish by teachers.

IMG_7568 IMG_7569 IMG_7570   IMG_7573  IMG_7575   IMG_7578

In this studio, Little Artists will be inspired by the artist, Tracey Ann Finley.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 5.13.00 PM

Starting with a primed square wood plank and a crushed can for their canvas artists created an animal of choice from the shape they saw in the crushed can. -The possibilities were endless!  Artists used acrylic paint and learned about layering and using complimentary colors and patterns to give their final work all the attention it needed to stand out! The final pieces were lacquered by teachers.

IMG_7584 IMG_7582IMG_7593 IMG_7594  IMG_7596 IMG_7597  IMG_7599 IMG_7600 IMG_7601 IMG_7603

We Love sharing and talking about our final art!!

IMG_7604  IMG_7606

IMG_7608 IMG_7609

IMG_7610 IMG_7611

IMG_7612 IMG_7613

IMG_7614 IMG_7617

IMG_7618 IMG_7619

IMG_7620 IMG_7621

IMG_7622 IMG_7623

In this studio, Little Artists learned how fun it is making everything mini! Just like the artist, Margaret McGuire artists created their very own mini monsters, mini clothes and mini matchbox bed.   Artists used their plans to draw patterns for their monsters.


IMG_7624 IMG_7633

IMG_7625 IMG_7626 IMG_7627 IMG_7628 IMG_7629 IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7632  IMG_7634 IMG_7636 IMG_7647 IMG_7648  IMG_7652 IMG_7653 IMG_7655 IMG_7657 IMG_7658  IMG_7660

See You at the Next Studio!