Bubble Gum Portraits

This Drawing and Painting studio puts an amusing spin on painting our self-portrait! We drew and painted ourselves blowing a bubblegum bubble! Little Artists learned about painting with acrylic paint, aligning their facial features correctly while keeping an eye on proportion and adding the small details to make it look real.   When the work was dry artists pushed a pink balloon into their mouths for the bubblegum bubble.

IMG_7721 IMG_7719IMG_7718 IMG_7717

IMG_7727 IMG_7731

IMG_7788 IMG_8153 IMG_8152

IMG_7834 IMG_7841 IMG_7842 IMG_7844 IMG_7845 IMG_7876

IMG_7729 IMG_7785 IMG_7793

IMG_7794 IMG_7790 IMG_7783

IMG_7875  IMG_7877 IMG_7878

IMG_7886 IMG_7887

IMG_7883 IMG_8157

Visit our Gallery Show Saturday, April 11th @Tug Tug on Guerrero and 22nd street for art activities, food and wine/juice.

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