Felt Animal Pouches

In this sewing studio, we used an adaptation of Misako Mimoko's, adorable envelope pattern, to hand sew our very own Woodland Felt Pouch.  We used colorful embroidery floss for our felt envelopes (approx. 5 x 7 in size).   Embellished  with felt bows, ribbons, button eyes, eyelashes or rosy cheeks. A few artists even chose to add straps to turn their animal envelopes and turn it into a bag. IMG_7697 IMG_7698  IMG_7700  IMG_7702  IMG_7752  IMG_7754   IMG_7757 IMG_7758  IMG_7772 IMG_7768

IMG_7761 IMG_7771 IMG_7753IMG_7756 IMG_7765 IMG_7766   IMG_7769    IMG_7773 IMG_7755IMG_7774 IMG_7775