Japanesse Hot Air Balloons

In this sculpture studio, artists made a beautiful hot air ballon with plaster sheets. And this wasn't be your average hot air balloon either, they created animal hot air balloons! IMG_8302 IMG_8303 IMG_8301 IMG_8304

Molding the plaster to make cute ears, stubby snouts, and all the rest. When the plaster was dry artists took their time painting on all the details with acrylic paint.

IMG_8372 IMG_8375 IMG_8376 IMG_8418 IMG_8419 IMG_8420 IMG_8421 IMG_8422

Yarn baskets were woven and tied to the bottom of the balloons. And small pennant flags were made with watercolor and string.

IMG_8424 IMG_8374

Up Up and Away!

IMG_8464 IMG_8465 IMG_8466IMG_8468 IMG_8469 IMG_8472IMG_8496 IMG_8493


See You at the Next Studio!