Mine Craft

In this Drawing and Painting studio, Little Artists learned how to paint in a monochromatic color scheme.  Each artist will drew a Minecraft image of their own design on a 18 x 18 canvas.   The image was then sectioned off into a patchwork pattern using rulers, tag board patterned squares and triangles. IMG_8115 IMG_8116  IMG_8118 IMG_8119  IMG_8121 IMG_8122 IMG_8123 IMG_8124  IMG_8126

Each square was then painted.  Many artists using a tint (white) or a shade (black) of only ONE acrylic hue (color).

IMG_8154  IMG_8156 IMG_8253     IMG_8258  IMG_8260 IMG_8261 IMG_8262

We then shared our thoughts about our work with the group.


IMG_8264 IMG_8270 IMG_8271  IMG_8273    IMG_8277  IMG_8279    IMG_8283


See You at the Next Studio!