Spring Break Animal Back Packs

Little Artists sewed their very own white animal backpack this week during Spring Break Art Camp! The circular pattern was cut from fabric that artists pre-stamp with a animal face they cut out of plastic and print on with fabric ink and brayer. Drawstring straps and ears patterns were cut and sewn on with child safe sewing machines.

IMG_8034 IMG_7970  IMG_7972 IMG_7973      IMG_7979 IMG_7980     IMG_7985 IMG_7986 IMG_7987   IMG_8005IMG_8010IMG_8011IMG_8014 IMG_8015

Felt coin purses, pom pons, and pencil pouches were made too!

IMG_7990 IMG_7991  IMG_7993 IMG_8007               IMG_8022

Super Cute!

IMG_8030 IMG_8031 IMG_8032 IMG_8033

See You at the Next Studio!