Unique Perspective Portraits

In this drawing and painting studio, Little Artists learned  about foreground, middle ground and background and how to draw foreshortening angles. To begin we met at the playground to take self-portraits, either on the swings, upside down on the monkey bars or hanging of the climbers. IMG_8053 IMG_8059 IMG_8064 IMG_8068 IMG_8069 IMG_8074 IMG_8084

This photograph of a foreshortening pose was used for reference and measurement while drawing our portraits.


IMG_8085 IMG_8086  IMG_8088 IMG_8089 IMG_8090 IMG_8141 IMG_8140 IMG_8138 IMG_8139


Portraits were drawn in ink and painted with watercolor paint. Final work was  framed in glass frames.


IMG_8171   IMG_8174 IMG_8175  IMG_8177 IMG_8178IMG_8186

So Cool!

IMG_8185    IMG_8299 IMG_8237

IMG_8181 IMG_8188

IMG_8190  IMG_8192


See You at the Next Studio!