Japanese Hot Air Balloons

During this summer art camp, Little Artists made a beautiful hot air ballon using plaster sheets. And this wasn't  your average hot air balloon either, they created an animal hot air balloon! Molding the plaster to make cute ears, stubby snouts, and wings. When the plaster was dry they took their time painting on all the details with acrylic paint. Artists also wove the balloon basket  using string and real twigs, braided the small ropes to hold the balloon together and painted small pennant flags for decoration.


IMG_8917 IMG_8918    IMG_8941

Plaster surprises...

IMG_8928  IMG_8945

Textile details...

IMG_8921 IMG_8934 IMG_8922 IMG_8938

IMG_8931 IMG_8939 IMG_8964

IMG_8951  IMG_8958

The acrylic details... and finished work.

IMG_8959 IMG_8960    IMG_8952  IMG_8967  IMG_8969      IMG_8980  IMG_8983 IMG_9011

IMG_8999 IMG_8988 IMG_9038

IMG_8990  IMG_8993  IMG_9047

IMG_8977 IMG_8995 IMG_9015

IMG_9003 IMG_9004    

 IMG_9027 IMG_9021    IMG_9025

IMG_8985 IMG_9034

IMG_9051 IMG_8982

IMG_9052   IMG_9055

IMG_9058  IMG_9060

See You at the Next Studio!