Sculpture and Mixed Media: 5 to 8 yrs Fall/Winter 2015

This past semester our younger artists, ages 5-8yrs, explored Animal Foil Art, Clay Relief, Soda Can Art, Clay Coil Bowls and Batik. Tin art;

In this mixed media studio, Little Artists created a simple animal drawing of choice that was enhanced into a relief.  A multiple step project of carving in patterns and adding texture into all the empty spaces to add detail was next.  Lastly Artists added a rub to make it look aged.

IMG_9168 IMG_9170IMG_9169  IMG_9175 IMG_9172

IMG_9173 IMG_9174


Clay Relief Squares;

Little Artists carved square relief designs that they feel tells a story about themselves.  Each tile was intricately carved and painted before assembling them onto a piece of burlap as a wall hanging.  Artists learned about score and weld techniques as they assemble their pieces.

IMG_9208 IMG_9209  IMG_9211 IMG_9294 IMG_9295 IMG_9296  IMG_9298

Soda Can Art;

Little Artists were inspired by the artist, Tracey Ann Finley. Starting with a primed square wood plank and a crushed can for their canvas artists created an animal of choice from the shape they saw in the crushed can.   Artists used acrylic paint and learned about layering and using complimentary colors and patterns to get the final work to stand out!

IMG_9398  IMG_9428 IMG_9431  IMG_9508  IMG_9429  IMG_9512

IMG_9513 IMG_9514 IMG_9515 IMG_9521 IMG_9523 IMG_9524 IMG_9525  IMG_9527

Coil Bowls;

In this studio, Little Artists learned how to  create clay dots, coils, twists, and other fun shapes into a tall bowl. The dry work was painted a solid color of choice and glazed before taking home.

IMG_9666  IMG_9671  IMG_9674  IMG_9677  IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9769  IMG_9772  IMG_9774  IMG_9779 IMG_9780  IMG_9786  IMG_9788

Batik Pillows;

In this studio, Little Artists designed their very own pillows.  Creating an image drawn directly onto white cotton fabric, artists traced the image with a natural batik mixture (no hot wax) covering every line and detail. Artists then painted their fabric with non-washable paint and then sewn them into a pillow.

IMG_0073 IMG_0075 IMG_0076 IMG_0077  IMG_0079  IMG_0081 IMG_0082   IMG_0187 IMG_0193  IMG_0195 IMG_0196   IMG_0199


See You at the Next Studio!