Animal Mounted Heads

During this art camp we partnered with teacher and artist, Danny Montoya at The Butterfly Joint , a wood working and design studio in the Mission. img_1647  img_1646

Children spent half there time at Little Tree Studios, and half their time at The Butterfly Joint-a block away. While at The Butterfly Joint, artists learned how to make a beautiful laminate board with a beveled edge while learning how to sand, assemble and oil. Then, while at Little Tree Studios, artists learned how to design and form an animal head out of plaster.

img_1611 img_1612

img_1605   img_1608 img_1626img_1627 img_1628 img_1610

img_1607img_1629img_1630 img_1609


Just a few of this finished pieces....


img_1633  img_1635   img_1638 img_1639  img_1641  img_1643


See You at the Next Studio!