Candy Camp 2016

For two separate weeks this summer we had Candy Camp.   We drew and painted a candy still life with watercolors. We will also made a molded string candy bowl out of yarn and baked Sculpey clay candies that were wrapped to look like real candy to put inside our yarn candy baskets! String Candy Bowls and Clay Candy

img_1658  img_1660 img_1661  img_1540 img_1541


img_1662 img_1648 IMG_1115 IMG_1242


Still Life...

img_1546 img_1555img_1667  img_1547 img_1669 img_1554img_1551  img_1550  img_1672     img_1552 img_1677  img_1680 img_1549

img_1679  img_1556 img_1681


img_1708 img_1710  img_1712img_1707 img_1706

Final Work...Group#2

img_1713 img_1714 img_1715

We celebrated Gene Wilder and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the studios projector and had fresh popped popcorn and a few pieces of candy!



img_1600 img_1592 img_1593 img_1603


See You at the Next Studio!