Shadow Box Art Camp 2016

During this art camp we partnered with teacher and artist, Danny Montoya at The Butterfly Joint, a wood working and design studio in the Mission. Children spent half there time at Little Tree Studios, and half their time at Butterfly Joint-a block away. While at The Butterfly Joint, artists learned how to make a beautiful reclaimed laminated shadow box by learning how to cut dovetail joints, sand, assemble and oil. Then while at Little Tree Studios, artists learned how to cut and assemble a layered paper-cut scene to put into their shadow box using paper colors of choice. img_1292  img_1294  img_1296 img_1297  img_1262

img_1295 img_1299

img_1270 img_1271  img_1273 img_1274  img_1277  img_1279 img_1280 img_1266 img_1265

24 shadow boxes later!

img_1319 img_1320 img_1321 img_1322 img_1323 img_1324 img_1325 img_1326 img_1328 img_1330 img_1334 img_1336 img_1338 img_1339 img_1340 img_1341 img_1343 img_1344

img_1342 img_1337

See You at the Next Studio!