Trinket Nail Art Box

During this art camp we partnered with teacher and artist, Danny Montoya at Butterfly Joint, a wood working and design studio in the Mission. img_1519 img_1517

img_1490 img_1475

img_1524 img_1525 img_1527 img_1529 img_1531 img_1533 img_1535 img_1538

Children spent half there time at Little Tree Studios, and half their time at The Butterfly Joint-a block away. While at The Butterfly Joint, artists learned how to make a beautiful reclaimed 5 x 5 trinket box. Then, while at Little Tree Studios, artists learned how to design, cut and string a nail art design onto their lid of their trinket box with embroidery thread and small nails.

img_1456  img_1464   img_1467 img_1468

img_1469 img_1470 img_1471  img_1500 img_1501  img_1509   img_1512 img_1516 img_1520

img_1492 img_1491

img_1510img_1513 img_1514 img_1515


Final work turned out amazing!

img_1478 img_1479 img_1480 img_1481 img_1482  img_1484 img_1485 img_1486  img_1488 img_1489


See You at the Next Studio!