Gallery Party 2016



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img_2236 img_2617img_2265


Monster Self Portriats

img_2239 img_2231img_2222 img_2233

img_2608 img_2613

Group Printing Canvas for Day of the Dead- Sugar Skulls

img_2612 img_2623

img_2223 img_2257 img_2245  img_2278 img_2241 img_2607

Lots of Great Costumes!

img_2224 img_2237 img_2234 img_2254 img_2242 img_2247  img_2250 img_2251 img_2230

Felt Mask Making

img_2225 img_2259 img_2614

img_2266 img_2267  img_2256

Face Painting

img_2263 img_2269  img_2629img_2252 img_2622 img_2627

Raffle Prizes!!!!

img_2271  img_2274  img_2276  img_2283

img_2285  img_2289 img_2253   img_2294 img_2232


Thank you to all that came to see all the fantastic work done this past year by all the Little Artists at Little Tree!