Monsters Have Feelings Too

Little Artists in this studio drew and painted a watercolor monster showing an emotion; sad, angry, silly etc.   Monsters were carefully drawn with pencil and ink on quality watercolor paper then painted with bright watercolor paints using watercolor techniques we’ve covered in class. img_2079  img_2074  img_2072  img_2070 img_2066 img_2075 img_2185img_2067 img_2068 img_2069  img_2064 img_2063 img_2062  img_2059 img_2060 img_2061


Artists pre drew multiple monsters and then spoke with the group about their pre-drawings before choosing the final monster.

img_1967 img_1968 img_1969  img_1971  img_1973 img_1974  img_1976


img_1981  img_2174 img_2175 img_2176 img_2177 img_2178 img_2179 img_2180 img_2181 img_2182 img_2183 img_2184  img_1978 img_2186  img_2188


See You at the Next Studio!