Sunday Funday! Parent and Child Classes

A layered shadow box was what the Little Artists made with their adults today! Using a variety of colorful papers a scene was created inside layering cut out paper-abstract designs, animal in the forest, and glittery mania!

img_1768  img_1770   img_1773 img_1775

img_1769 img_1774 img_1772

img_1776 img_1777   img_1780  img_1782

img_1784 img_1781 img_1785 img_1779

During this studio, artists painted a floral, abstract geometrical piece of art on a square canvas with acrylic paints, adding dots stripes or bold designs.  Parent and Child were very happy with the team work!

img_1945   img_1951 img_1962

img_1948   img_1944 img_1952   img_1955 img_1956    img_1960

Child and Parent learned how to needle felt with beautiful wool in this studio! We had all the tools needed them to make one fluffy owl together.  -So Cute!

img_2127 img_2130 img_2131 img_2132 img_2133  img_2135 img_2136


Children and adults created a white "pour paint pumpkin"with an array of beautiful colors.  This project was a blast and a hit for Halloween!

img_2375 img_2382

img_2370 img_2383 img_2384 img_2385  img_2387


See You at the Next Studio