Unique Perspective

In this drawing and painting studio, Little Artists learned about foreground, middle ground and background and how to draw foreshortened angles. To begin, artists met at the Mission playground on Valencia & 19th street on the first day of class to take self-portraits on the swings, upside down on the monkey bars and hanging off the climbers.  These photographs were then taken back and used for reference and measurement while drawing the portraits. Portraits were drawn in ink on thick watercolor paper and painted with watercolor paint. img_1786 img_1787 img_1788   img_1791     img_1797 img_1798      img_1804   img_1809  img_1811

img_1963 img_1964 img_1965  img_2022  img_2024 img_2025 img_2026 img_2027     img_2032  img_2449


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