Animal Layered Print

  Little Artists in this studio learned how to create a complimentary color animal print using 3 inks layered on quality print paper.

img_2771 img_2772 img_2773 img_2774  img_2776  img_2778 img_2779 img_2780 img_2781 img_2782 img_2783 img_2784 img_2785

First Layer


Second Layer


img_2854   img_2857

It started to get dark outside so our light in the studio effected the photos, its too bad for these prints were amazing- the colors were so bright and clear!!



Finished Work! Framed in Glass.

img_2864img_2860  img_2862    img_2866 img_2868


img_2870 img_2871


See You at the Nest Studio!