Real Animals VS Stuffed Animals

In this drawing studio, Little Artists jumped into sketching from real life using a real stuffed animal from home, and then drawing the same animal but in realistic form, from a photo. Artists planned ahead on how to incorporate their two images together into one drawing. Inspiration for this class came from the amazing San Francisco Artist Mike Mc Connell.  This class was for beginners and advanced drawers, to practice and improve your their skills.  Their final drawings were painted with watercolor on quality watercolor paper.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 2.47.48 PM

IMG_3268 IMG_3267 IMG_3269  IMG_3330 IMG_3265 IMG_3443


IMG_3434 IMG_3433

IMG_3441 IMG_3430

IMG_3438 IMG_3431 IMG_3426

IMG_3423 IMG_3424


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