Watercolor Frank Stella & Kites

In this Drawing and Painting Studio, Little Artists learned about the famous artist, Frank Stella, who has a current exhibit at the De Young Museum of his larger than life metal sculptures and his more known minimalistic and colorful arching paintings. Focusing on his more popular works from the 60's, artists began to see the cominalities that run through all his lithograph prints, as well as his sculptures.   Artists took these art elements and design (color, shape, line and form) to create their own work.  Our younger group created watercolor and acrylic paintings while our older group made windows kites using vellum paper, colored papers and three wooden, 12-inch transparent circular window kites, like Jacob-Hashimoto's famous installation work.  The three finished circular panels can be hung vertically together, to be hung on a wall or in a window to show off the colors. IMG_3189

IMG_3182 IMG_5973 IMG_3294

IMG_5971 IMG_5969 IMG_5968  IMG_5970

IMG_6282  IMG_6270  IMG_6267 IMG_3298   IMG_3299 IMG_3291 IMG_3288 IMG_3247 IMG_3246

IMG_3228 IMG_3289 IMG_6294


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