Koi Kite Camp 2017


One of my favorite projects! Koi Kites.

Little Artists carved their koi scale stamp and sewed the kite together adding long tails, once their painted eyes and scale patterns were dry.

Final kites are amazing!

Special thanks to Chloe, Charlotte, Kai and Milo our young  camp counselors who volunteered this week!


IMG_4262 IMG_4263

IMG_4264   IMG_4267

IMG_4268 IMG_4269 IMG_4270    IMG_4274  IMG_4276 IMG_7702IMG_4277IMG_7705 IMG_7706 IMG_7674

IMG_4284 IMG_4285     IMG_4290 IMG_4291

IMG_4293 IMG_4294


IMG_4297   IMG_4283 IMG_7692

IMG_4300  IMG_4302   IMG_4305   IMG_4314  IMG_4316 IMG_4317


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