A Toddler and Her Obsession with Shoes can be an Art Inspiration

So as most toddlers you will find that they are obsessed with putting on adult shoes.  And if your child is like my daughter is in love with rainboots and wearing seasonally the wrong shoes-sandals in winter and boots in summer?! Crazy Kid. IMG_9203

Here is a book, simple but has become a favorite to read and talk about her favorite shoes. Usually leads to her running to the closet and trying on a specific style. There are many shoe books out their but in terms if reading to a young child to get information this is a good one. Boots, Sandals, Heels, Sneakers, Slippers and you can even go into talking about traditional shoes from other countries and shoes that certain jobs require you to wear like Scuba Fins, Fireman Boots, Ballet Shoes,  and Track Shoes. *As a teacher I would resource these shoes from friends and family to have in my dramatic play area so that kids can try them on and play.


In doing this project at home you can take the time to make a bunch of styles and add a lot more detail.  Though as any teacher knows you can make detailed work if you take the time to prep the activity appropriately and think about how the child's developmental age will use the materials in front of them.

*How will they use the glitter, glue, sequins paint etc. How will you guide them through the steps? Whats the time frame for the group if kids.  Are there specific needs needed for certain kids in the group.  Maybe you want to try to so this project with multiple ages. If you can try to answer these questions ahead of time you can prevent a failed project.-Though they can happen to the best of us!

This project requires you to raid your piles of art materials because everything can be put on a shoe!

  • Ric-Rac, Wahsi Tape, Yarn, Cardboard -THANK YOU AMAZON!
  • Beads, Pom Poms, Tassles, Buttons, Sequins and Gems, Pipe Cleaners and lots of variety of fabrics
  • Hole Puncher, watercolor, hot glue and tacky glues will be needed too!

To set up for a class project I would separate this into a few days.  I would bring in a math lesson and graph all of our sizes of feet.  In doing this we will trace around our shoes on cardboard and measured with rulers and then compared to see the differences in growth.  Growth is another great topic to pull into a lesson-How fast do people grow? Do you wear the same shoes every year?).  Older groups of kids can then use these as the templates for cutting our their fabric and cardboard for their shoes.  I would allow the older groups to choose their style of shoe and the toddlers to make one type-the Flip Flop. (I would cut the cardboard shapes if its a toddler group)

Then I would set up the tables with all the supplies and prep the fabric for the toddler flip flops.

IMG_9132 IMG_9141 IMG_9144


IMG_9155 IMG_9154 IMG_9145


Finished Pieces; House slippers (made by Momma) Flip Flops and Strappy Sandals (made by Sibby and Momma).


IMG_9183 IMG_9178 IMG_9199

Her favorite for today are the Flip Flops, probably since she's never worn a pair before. * made from the kite fabric, pom-pom and star beads, Washi-tape and Pipe cleaners.


See You at theNext Studio!

An Extra fun dancing game an be tied into the pre-k class by wrapping their feet in bubble wrap. See my past post Bubble Wrap Dancing 

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