Spin Art

After Gymnastics today I had my daughter demonstrate one of her favorite things to do in our studio-SPIN ART. She's only two years old, but all ages really love it!   I never thought of sharing this, but it was brought to my attention recently because a parent, after being in the studio, bought one for her daughters school classroom! So I thought I should share with all of you how cool this salad spinner from IKEA could be, and a few activities to do with them.  -Its much cheaper than the art kits you would see in the aisles of your art store.  

You could pre-cut a variety of leaves for fall, different shapes the children are learning about, or circles or squares to fit snug on the spinner is usually what I will have out for the kiddos.

Watercolor paper is fantastic, but you can use cheaper art paper for it absorbs too but will become soggier quicker. Many kids find they can keep spinning with just one piece of paper over and over and they can  get multiple layers of swirls and color mixing!

*Autumn Leaves can be used on a bulletin board Tree or put into a mobile.


The droppers I fill with liquid watercolor from Discount School Supply-They also make metallic watercolor!!  Choose your droppers wisely, some can squirt far and a lot of paint.  So to not waste, I have droppers that have a tighter drip to them and I teach children to put in only 'baby' drops.

I keep only a few rules for the kids around the use of the spinners for the process is a great experience.  Because you do end up with lots of work, that often doesn't get used I will say to them that after 1-3 spins they need to take the paper to another station and "create" another project with it.  Below are a few activities.

White Sharpie pens for Zentangles and Dots

Oil Pastels drawn on first

For a silly project,  you could have them draw their faces and use the spin art for their hair!-cut and collage it together. Or with a sharpie and Googley Eyes,  turn the swirls into monsters.

Color mixing day- Only have out  two colors or the primary colors. Many children will use them to make cards for parents birthdays or even to frame other artwork they have made in their free time.

See You at the Next Studio!