Stuffed Animal on a Stick




During this Friday Project with my Daughter we created a Stuffed Kitty on a Stick, that you can ride-old school toy :) Inspired from the playful children book, Matildas Cat,  byEmily Gravett.

You will need;

  • Sock, Dowel,Ttacky Glue and Hot Glue, Fabrics, Stuffing and all the add ons-Buttons, google eyes, pipecleaners, ribbons, sequins, watercolor and puffy paints and felt.

First Sibby stuffed a tube sock with stuffing. -Lots of fun! After we gathered ourselves back together we then started to paint the faux fur hair blue and purple using watercolor paints. We started with this since it would take a bit of time to dry. Once dry, we then glued it on the back for a tail and added a small head tuft on top.

IMG_9257 IMG_9258


Next, I tied the sock closed on the stick and Sibella started to decorated the fur by gluing on sequins and painting on puffy paint front and back. This was done quite quickly, this process can be done in many ways and over a few days if you wanted to spread out the activity- if you have larger groups especially.

*You could print or the-dye your fabric or sock before starting to add an extra cool textured effect. Making a chameleon, dinosaur or giraffe were other ideas that we thought of.

* You can talk about animal coverings with preschoolers during this project too- Feathers, shells, scales, fur etc- Why do these animals need these types of coverings? Also Talk about animal parts-tails, shapes and different ears ect. Also talk about the different pets you can have at home or on the farm.

_MG_9296 _MG_9285

Sibella picked out her googley eyes and buttons.-Tough toddler decisions:)The whiskers and a button nose were hot glued onto the upper portion of the sock with the eyes.

_MG_9277 _MG_9294

I would prep the felt ears  for younger groups, unless you are working with a smaller group or one-one and could take the time to work with your children to teach them how to hold and use scissors- I totally believe young ones can learn to use scissors correctly and safely.- I helped Sibella hold and cut with the scissors holding them with her to cut the ears and tail.

_MG_9317  _MG_9330

Hot glue on the ears, fur tail and head tuft .


Ribbons are a great addition to the stick. You could also wrap it with patterned Washi tape or colorful yarn.

_MG_9398 IMG_9368

Excerpts from the book-its so cute!

*Another teaching connection to this project could be centered around the topic of TOYS. How are they made, why, how, Which ones are timeless, How have they changed from past to present?

IMG_9408 IMG_9409 IMG_9410 IMG_9411 IMG_9412

Heres our cat, Sadie, she's just like Matilda's cat.



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