Watercolor Illustrations -PlayGround Book Review

This week my daughter and I found a new book at our weekly Library visit that I have never seen before-Crazy right!? I was surprised too! I feel like I know most children book authors quite well. The book below is called Playground by Mies Van Hout, an amazing Dutch illustrator.  The pictures in this book, and many of her others are all  done in oil pastels and ink-very much my style:) I love monsters and watercolors! We checked it out with the rest of our books and this particular one we decided to keep for another week.  Thats when I thought it would be  great project book.  #littletreebookreview

So here are my thoughts....

This book is great for all ages.  Reading it with my daughter was easy, she loved the animals/characters, the magical watercolors, thoughtful designs and game like story line.  Its a great book to tie into a project.  With her we explored liquid watercolors and ways to play with the paint using salt, water, rubbing alcohol, blowing through straws, pom-pom and hammers.  We kept the project more process based.  I then put together all her paintings and wrote a story, by adding black sharpie to accentuate the watercolor shapes of what I saw pop out of the designs.  If it was a class project I would sit with all the students at circle time to talk about what we all saw in each others paintings and write a story together, and then the artists would design their black Sharpie designs on their page in the book.

With older students I would do the same activity on a higher writing  level and have them create their own full series, not just one page.

Wet on Wet.



Straw Blowing

Pom-Pom Splatter

Drip Painting

Using tools, Roller.

Oil Pastels

Final Drawings and Story...

Wanna take a trip?  Climb aboard my magic rocket ship!

We’ll blast off on an exploration! 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1 !  Here we go….

We will have to fly through the purple galaxy, which planet should we land on?

Wow, this planet makes me feel super small.  How are we going to find our way?

Let’s ask these ladybugs for directions.

Oh no, its starting to rain, lets run!

Look we can hide in this butterfly cave. Look there are Geodes!

We are almost through, whoa there is a swimming hole in here.  Lets’ follow that Blowfish!

Look I found a map! Which path should we take home?

We made it! Just in time for cupcakes!

See you at the Next Studio!

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