Sunday Funday! Parent and Child Classes

A layered shadow box was what the Little Artists made with their adults today! Using a variety of colorful papers a scene was created inside layering cut out paper-abstract designs, animal in the forest, and glittery mania!

img_1768  img_1770   img_1773 img_1775

img_1769 img_1774 img_1772

img_1776 img_1777   img_1780  img_1782

img_1784 img_1781 img_1785 img_1779

During this studio, artists painted a floral, abstract geometrical piece of art on a square canvas with acrylic paints, adding dots stripes or bold designs.  Parent and Child were very happy with the team work!

img_1945   img_1951 img_1962

img_1948   img_1944 img_1952   img_1955 img_1956    img_1960

Child and Parent learned how to needle felt with beautiful wool in this studio! We had all the tools needed them to make one fluffy owl together.  -So Cute!

img_2127 img_2130 img_2131 img_2132 img_2133  img_2135 img_2136


Children and adults created a white "pour paint pumpkin"with an array of beautiful colors.  This project was a blast and a hit for Halloween!

img_2375 img_2382

img_2370 img_2383 img_2384 img_2385  img_2387


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Holidays Gifts

This past Holiday season many Little Artists came to Little Tree to make presents for their loved ones.  Here are a few of our favorite projects. Suminagashi inked paper and Acrylic Painted Sheets.

IMG_8911 IMG_8912  IMG_8914  IMG_8917 IMG_8918


Felted Stocking Ornaments


Inked Coasters

IMG_8892 IMG_8898 IMG_8899 IMG_8900  IMG_8902 IMG_8903

Gingerbread Batiks

IMG_8866 IMG_8906 IMG_8924 IMG_8925

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Holton Rower Inspired

In this Crafty Saturday Little Artists took a look at Holton Rower's Pour Art Sculptures and created their own mini-version.  We discussed as a group how to best build each of our towers so that when we poured paint over the center the paint would flow and fully cover the tower. IMG_8637 IMG_8639 IMG_8640   IMG_8643

When each sculpture was prepared and glued to our boards the pouring began!

IMG_8647  IMG_8651 IMG_8652  IMG_8654 IMG_8655  IMG_8658 IMG_8660  IMG_8662       IMG_8670

So cool!

IMG_8680   IMG_8686   IMG_8691   IMG_8695


IMG_8701 IMG_8703

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Crafty Saturday Printed Portraits

Printmaking Portraits This Crafty Saturday we took a look at our faces in mirrors and learned how are faces are proportioned with our eyes in the middle of our faces which are either round oval or egg shaped.  We added smaller details that we sometimes forget when drawing ourselves like lips, curls, eyelashes and eyebrows, and our chin!

We then carved our final portrait onto a large piece of foam which we rolled a thin layer of printing ink.  Originally we wanted to use three colors that are monochromatic but we found that the image disappeared,  so we all decided on one color to make our final portrait prints.

IMG_7431  IMG_7438  IMG_7440  IMG_7447    IMG_7451   IMG_7454 IMG_7455  IMG_7457 IMG_7458 IMG_7459


We had a quick critique of what we liked about each others portraits.  Compliments help us appreciate each others different styles and also helps us discover new ways of drawing.

See You at the Next Crafty Saturday!

Crafty Saturdays Are Back!

IMG_7254 During this Crafty Saturday we drew our portraits underwater.  Using our imagination and what we know about the feeling and look of being underwater we pictured ourselves floating and swimming through an ocean of blue water, hair flowing, bubbles escaping our mouths and our favorite suit and goggles!

IMG_7251 IMG_7261

Drawing ourselves on a larger scale and in an environment that we do not usually think of can be challenging and fun!


Drawing first with pencil we then outlined and colored with oil pastels which when painted will resist the watercolor.


As the paintings neared complition we added puddles of watercolor to be soaked up by salt which as it dries leaves behind a beautiful spotted residue.  Drops of rubbing alcohol were added to give the effect of water splothches.  And crumpling the paper added the effect of water reflections.

IMG_7264 IMG_7267IMG_7265 IMG_7268 IMG_7266 IMG_7269

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More Crafty Saturdays Under Our Belts

Today we practiced our simple sewing stitch on paper. IMG_2693 IMG_2692 IMG_2691

First we pre-poked holes through our drawn image so that it was easier to pull the floss through.

IMG_2702 IMG_2704 IMG_2703

When we were finished sewing we pasted our  papers to printed papers and framed them-Super Cute!IMG_2706 IMG_2711 IMG_2707


Last weeks Crafty Saturday,  we each took a blank canvas and explored mixing and painting in monochromatic colors.  We also explored textures in painting by adding other mediums such as sand and thick gel.  It was tons of fun to just explore the canvas and paint!

IMG_2467 IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_2464 IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2470 IMG_2471 IMG_2479 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2472 IMG_2481 IMG_2483 IMG_2486 IMG_2489

We came up with a lot of funny names for our work.  "Yellow Butter", "Just Nobody" and "Blue love"

See you at the Next Crafty Saturday!

Graphic Art

Little Artists in this Crafty Saturday Studio learned how to create a 'tag' using their name, symbols, different kinds of lines, and colors to emphasize its importance. This street art studio shows students that lettering is not only important in communicating, but that it can also be an artistic expression. IMG_2284 IMG_2285


Little Artists learned a few water color painting techniques to create a brick wall background for their tag.


Children will learn about graffiti’s true roots and where it came from. They also learn about Keith Haring and Bansky.

IMG_2288  IMG_2290 IMG_2291

Artists learned about where to add shadows on bubble, block and wide letters.   Adding a glow as well as other  details such as breaks, flourishes, overlaps, and arrows!



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Clay Divisionism

In our Crafty Saturday class today we took a look at George Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte and Paul Signac's Women at the Well to learn about Divisionism (also called Chromoluminarism) which was the characteristic style in Neo-impressionistic painting, defined by the separation of colors into individual dots or patches which when observed the eye blends the colors together!


Like the Neo-impressionistic painters of the 1800′s, Little Artists used small balls of clay to create a beautiful flower to welcome Spring!


The first step was to mix the clay so we had all the colors and shades we saw in our flowers.  Its always a surprise when you realize there are so MANY colors!  Starting in the corner of a sticky piece of foam we began to place our pea sized balls into place slowly blocking in the shapes of color we see.



Little by little our Spring Flowers were complete!



See You at the Next Studio!

Rockin' Pets

There is nothing better than taking an old rock and turning it into something fun!  This weeks Crafty Saturday we created a great collection of rock pets!   


Ladybugs, Sheep, Angry Birds, Frogs and Pigs!



As our pets dried we explored other areas of Little Tree's Studio.  Creating sculptures, working in the craft station and light room.



See You at the Next Studio!


Valentines From The Heart

We made all our Valentine cards this year from our own prints!           

We learned a variety of ways to make a print.


We cut soft foam into hearts, stars and flowers, designing each individual  stamp.   Writing the message backwards so it will print correctly was the tricky part!


We carved linoleum, dense foam and drew designs straight onto our plexiglass.

Final result, perfect valentines for all of our sweethearts!!




Snow Owls

In this painting studio we learned a quick and fun way to paint snow owls. All we needed to know is how to draw a circle, oval, and triangle.

And Voila! A cute owl with eyes that really glow!!!

The first step, was painting the background.  The color teal was the obvious favorite here!! Next, splattering white snow!


Then, we immediately painted our owls over the background. No need for it to dry.  We made sure to think about positioning before painting the owls body so we would have room to give our owls a nice branch to perch on.


*The challenge here for all the kids was giving each of our owls personality from one another (different eyes, feathers, wings)

Just incase we needed to pick one out in an owl line up!! :)

This can be hard for kids when there is an example of work in front of them that they want to so badly follow down to the last feather....But they did very well!- They added glasses, one made their owl skinnier others made their wings stick up instead of down.


We worked on a few constructive inventions while we let our work dry.


Coming back to our paintings we added our black outline.  Outlining can be  tedious but it defines a piece.  The children learned how to use the tip of the brush only and how to drag the paint along the edge of their owls with out pushing the brush down, which would create a thinker line.


See at the Next Studio!

Why Do We All LOVE Crafts?

Children love crafts!! They seem to become fixated when they are drawing, painting, cutting, pasting and working through artistic activities.     

Kids love working with their hands.  The sense of happiness that children experience while crafting is an unmistakable give away that something greater is going on with their learning. Why is this?


Its the sense of achievement children get when they are working on crafts  that involves their creativity and stimulates their imagination.  But there is so much more  than just the a sense of achievement...


The amazing developmental benefits that children can obtain through creative craft ideas make children's crafts such a crucial part of a child's healthy development!!




At Little Tree Studios we offer drop off Crafty Saturdays and Date Nights for children to get their craft on! A time where a child will unknowingly learn developmental skills through simple craft activities!

*Creative and Visual Spatial Development!!

Creating fun craft activities for kids, offering a variety of materials and simple task related instructions, their imagination and ability to make creative choices can develop. Children create an image of what they want to create in their task. They can transfer this image through the use of their hands and the materials into their craft work. When developed appropriately, this important skill can assist children with skills such as visualizing details, the recall of information through mental imagery, creation of living pictures and visualizing of goals.


*Concentration, Planning and the completion of tasks!!

Children's crafts assist with the development of the ability to concentrate and avoid distractions. Through the focus that is required to work through craft activities, children learn to focus on one task at a time. They learn that through focus they are able to successfully complete a task. Also  arts and crafts for kids assist with the development of both visual and verbal planning skills. Visual spatial skill development assists children to create plans in their mind's eye of what they want to achieve through their craft project.  Children learn the skill of persistence when completing any activity or craft project. Choosing from one of many craft ideas and seeing the task through to completion regardless of set backs is an important skill for children to learn. If developed early in life, this can assist a child with school work, project development and goal setting.


Praise and feedback are important factors here when they are attempting a new activity or craft project. Assisting children if they are struggling with an aspect or completion of a task can be important. Giving praise throughout the process and at the completion of the task helps the child to learn a sense of accomplishment associated with the development and completion of projects.

Creative craft ideas for kids are so valuable for healthy development.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, grandparent or nanny, kids crafts and children's activities are a fantastic way to connect with children and watch them grow and develop.

See You at the Next Studio!!


Candy Necklaces

         In this Crafty Saturday Studio session each Little Artists designed their own felt bead necklace.  Creating a design plan was the first step.


Each bead was then handmade with felt which was glued, rolled and cut to 1/2 inch and threaded together.  These Candy Necklaces were then wrapped for gifts to give to friends and family.


POP! Bubble Wands-Crafty Saturday

Last Saturday Little Artists spent a crafty Saturday morning making their very own copper bubble wands.       

The first step was to design the bubble wand shape on paper to later use as a guide when bending the wire. Then Little Artists twisted copper and the beads around the top of a wand securly before starting to bend their bubble shape.  When finished the Little Artists  mixed up the Best Bubble Recipe in town:





*The secret is the corn syrup- add more if mixture does not hold in the wands.



See You at the Next Studio!



Who's Getting CRAFTY ?!

Got time on Saturday Mornings? Today we spent our morning making Sharpie Tie Dye Tote Bags!

We even had extra time to create a catapult and a marble run from the "Collect, Create, Construct" corner in the studio.

Wood, metal styrofoam, cardboard and access to a bucket of thing a ma jigs  we can create so many things!  

"Im going to make a catapult? But how do I do it" 

I don't know? Lets try and see what happens?....

And the marble run...

Lets try it! What else do you think you might need?

"The marble got stuck!"

Why? What should we do to fix it?

"Now it wont roll down!"

Hmm.. What do we need to do to move the marble?

"Maybe Ill try angling the hose more and fixing the tape so It wont stick"

A very successful Saturday morning!