TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS OR FRIDAYS // 9:30AM-10:30 AM   OR   11:15AM-12:15 PM  // AGES 2-5 YRS.

*Open Studios, held on Saturdays are open to young Pre-k ages.

Our Tinker Tot Studio is designed for budding Little Artists to join with an adult, to experience and learn about art through play and experimentation. We believe art is a experimental learning process, so we offer all our Little Artists in our studios introductions to use ALL  the materials; small beads, scissors, glue, glitter and paint!  Please dress appropriately and be ready to support your child in the opportunity to use these exciting,  and sometimes messy materials. -Theres no better place to learn how to cut with a scissors, squeeze glue, or hold a gooey paint brush than here! 

Our classroom environment is set up to inspire wonder and curiosity.  Early art experiences also give Little Artists a way to establish their fine motor skills, strengthening their grip and their mid-line while they draw and paint- which is an important developmental skill that leads to writing.  Little Artists will also develop their tactile/sensory  levels.   And the best part is you get to leave the mess with us!

*If your child is as young as 1.5 yrs you are welcome to join too, please keep in mind their developmental growth stages as they are coming into learn, touch and play with the materials- not to make product! 

*We allocate some space for drop-in. Its $22 at the door, cash or check. There is a discount if your purchase a month block !